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01db Fusion – Smart Sound & Vibration Analyzer

FUSION is the innovative 01dB sound level meter and analyser.

Compact, robust and practical, it is ideal for use in every sector for measuring noise and vibrations. It is one of the leading pieces of equipment used for the surveys carried out by NORUMORE.


Wi-Fi, 3G, Ethernet ... FUSION is the first hyper-connected sound level meter that allows you to adopt a new way of measuring. 

  • Download data via a Wi-Fi network;
  • Remote management using 3G;
  • Real-time display of the measurement.
Orion - Smart Vibration Monitor Terminal

ORION is a station that monitors the vibrations created by human activity that is proudly part of the survey equipment for NORUMORE.

In fact, vibrations can cause:

1. Structural damage (e.g. cracks, movement, ...);

2. Damage to sensitive equipment (e.g. computer systems, ...).

It is therefore essential to implement monitoring solutions to prevent these risks at the beginning of a construction project.

Tapping Machine

The tapping impact generator produces a normalized tapping noise and is an indispensable tool for checking the acoustic insulation of floors and horizontal partitions. Acoustic insulation, and in particular noise from footsteps, are fundamental parameters for environmental comfort, especially in homes and places where it is necessary not to have noisy distractions.

  • The tapping machine generator is positioned on the floor to be analysed and started. In the receiving room, generally on the lower floor in respect to the instrument, the sound pressure produced is detected and the noise level of the footsteps is calculated according to the indications given in the specific standards.
  • The fundamental part of the system are the 5 cylinders which, when dropped alternately at a predetermined frequency, strike the pavement generating a normalized noise. The movement of the cylinders is electronically controlled to guarantee compliance with legislation. The body is made of aluminium with a panel in plexiglass that allows you to have a view of the movement of the cylinders and of all the mechanics. The machine is complete with remote control for starting and stopping; the practical handle and its small dimensions allow for easy transport
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SoundPlan 8.0 - Spectra

This software is used to draw up Acoustic Impact and Acoustic Climate Assessments relating to transport infrastructures (noise from road traffic and motorways, car parks, railway and airport traffic), and from internal and external industrial sources (production sectors, sporting events, ventilation systems, turbines and power plants); it also calculates the dispersion of pollutants in the air (Air Pollution).

Acoustic characterisation of urban and extra-urban areas, design of new settlements and mitigation forecasts, renovation plans, intervention priority maps, cost / benefit analysis for acoustic screens and industrial silencers, acoustic and strategic maps (Lden and Lnight) as per legislative decree n.194 / 2005 (European Directive 2002/49 / EC on environmental noise).

It also features a direct link to Google Earth, manages the instant import of both the background from Google Earth (raster image) and mapping elevation information (DGM or Digital Ground Model).

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EASE - Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers

The EASE acoustic simulation software is a professional tool that provides realistic and detailed models of room acoustics and the performance of audio systems.

Key benefits are:

  • Complies with SPL, STI requirements.
  • It allows recognition of every acoustic variable of a room, impossible without a model.
  • Analyses and corrects acoustic problems before they appear.
  • Saves time and money by reducing the number of onsite surveys required.
  • It utilises the best and largest database of audio systems for simulations.