Technology for industrial noise mitigation
Barriers and Mobile Barriers
  • Shielding for the propagation of noise from the source to a receptor.
  • Noise produced by road traffic, railway traffic, technological systems
  • Supporting structure in steel and panels in various dimensions.
  • Fixed or mobile barriers for construction site requirements.
  • Sound-absorbing panels suspended from the ceiling for the treatment of reverberant and noisy environments, both public and industrial.
  • Different types of material (steel, fibre, etc).
  • Attached to the ceiling with a light weight suspended structure (e.g. chains, tie rods, steel cables, etc).
  • Arranged in parallel rows with regular spacing which is determined depending on the results required.
  • Installation of a silencer with internal sound-absorbing baffles or cylindrical shaped, to be fitted directly on the noise source;
  • Internal attenuating silencers: constructed with sound-absorbing panels, in pressed bent galvanized steel, containing sound-absorbing materials; equipped with special supports (galvanized profile posts), designed to support the weight without burdening the structures of the component to be treated acoustically.
Soundproof cabins
  • Industrial soundproofed environments to guarantee the health of operators. 
  • Combined with an additional suction filter, to improve the environment by eliminating harmful substances that form inside.
Acoustic curtains

Acoustic curtains, with high soundproofing and sound-absorbing potential, ideal for compartmentalising technical rooms, technological installation systems, loading zones and construction site areas.

Simply anchored to any type of existing structure: scaffolding and fencing.

Anti-vibration elements

Design and calculation of anti-vibration elements, in natural rubber and polyurethane, with steel base plates to dampen vibrations that can cause inconvenience: malfunction of machines, shocks or noise.

Anti-noise systems

We design, manufacture and install:

  • Industrial soundproofing systems for production departments and assembly lines;
  • Noise pollution shields for loud machinery.
Soundproof Grilles

Noise attenuation system for ventilation systems and industrial cabins. They perform the dual function of protection like any grille and at the same time make it possible to reduce the emissions to the external environment of the noise produced by the ventilation system or by any technological system.