Sound-absorbing panels and printed décor panels
Sound-absorbing panel or printed décor panel - The "Sosta" model

Ideal for the acoustic treatment of environments characterised by acoustic reverberation disturbances in the voice frequency range.  The characteristic of this panel type is the wide versatility it provides due to its reduced thickness.

  • With or without hidden wooden frame.
  • The PET panel can be completely customised.
Sound-absorbing panel or printed décor panel - The "Imola" model

The design and style of this type of panel, in addition to being particularly effective in treating problems of acoustic reverberation at medium-low frequencies, also guarantees excellent acoustic diffusion due to its honeycomb surface finish.

  • Hidden wooden frame and fully customisable polyester fabric cover.
  • Internal panel in sound absorbing material, i.e. polyester fibre, of varying thicknesses and density.
Sound-absorbing / diffusing panel – Model "NR 3D"

This type of element is particularly suitable in environments characterised by high reverberation and where diffusion is also required to improve the quality of the acoustic parameters.

Walls and suspended ceilings
"NR PET" panelling

With this type of décor panel it is possible to treat large surfaces, such as walls and ceilings, in environments that are sensitive to voice frequency range.

Aesthetic acoustic curtain

Acoustic curtain(s) with extremely high acoustic and aesthetic values for hospitality venues such as hotels, gyms, restaurants and concert halls.

"Designed" stretched metal

The versatility of stretched metal allows custom elements to be designed and adapted to suit all types of problems.

Diffusing wooden slats

If the acoustic problem concerns diffusion, we design elements in wood that can maximize this effect. 

Depending on the acoustic preventative measurements, it is possible to determine the best shape and establish the sizing and dimensions.

Top Acoustic "NR Wood"

When the acoustic problem mainly relates to medium / low frequencies it is possible to use milled wood panelling for cladding walls and ceilings.

Sound absorbing slats

If the acoustic problem has particular issues, you can intervene with slats or baffles that can be designed for each specific case (material type, slat spacing, dimensions and distribution).

  • With or without hidden wooden frame, cover in polyester.
  • Internal panel in sound absorbing material, i.e. polyester fibre o melamine foam, of varying thicknesses and density.
Lamp shades
Bass Trap in fabric

Acoustic traps made from fabric and with an option to customise the shape.  Custom designed by our acoustic designers, they are characterised by both their aesthetic design and their great capacity for acoustic correction at low frequencies. 

The most requested design element is the lamp shade equipped with an integrated lighting component.

Bass Trap in micro-stretch sheet metal

Urban-industrial style elements capable of improving the environmental response to low frequencies.

They can be made in a cylindrical shape or a parallelepiped, suspended from the ceiling or placed on the floor.

There is a wide possibility for customisation which also includes inserting an integrated lighting component inside.

Dividers and screens
Dividers and screens

Ideal for improving the quality and privacy of office working areas. Sound-proofing and sound-absorbing dividers and screens allow reduction of noise and disturbance in areas such as open office environments, restaurants, and where it is important to regulate intelligibility and reverberation.

Upholstered in customisable polyester and hidden wooden frame.

Reinforced sound absorbing inner panel supplied with floor stand or metal desk clamps.