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Specialists in the integration of acoustic design,

construction and installation of anti-noise and anti-vibration systems.

Complete range of consultancy services from monitoring sound levels and vibration measurements through to the development of acoustic projects.

Acoustic treatment of noisy environments aimed at improving listening conditions and overall sense of well-being.

Soundproofing of industrial installation systems utilising anti-noise and anti-vibration technology for the protection of employees or residential environments.

02 December 2022
MSC cruise ship anti-vibration system

Supply of soundproofing and damping elements at the Atlantic shipyard, Saint-Nazaire.

30 November 2022
Noise shielding

Supply and installation of anti-noise shielding for heat pumps at the Otosan headquarters in Forli.

15 November 2022
Arena design

Verification of the acoustic quality of an arena. Elebarozione of the response of the hall using software Ease.

05 September 2022
Anti-noise system for heat pumps in Bologna

Supply and installation of an anti-noise system in order to contain the sound immissions of technological systems.