Professional Acoustic Consulting Services
Acoustic and Vibrational Monitoring
Noise and vibration monitoring, with remote control and warning thresholds for all traffic, road, air and rail, and industrial or construction site activity.
Vibrations survey to identify damage to buildings and people
Survey of vibrations in buildings, of disturbance caused to people (UNI 9614) and assessment of damage caused by vibrations to buildings (UNI 9916).
Consultancy for Council Public Departments
We collaborate and provide consultancy services with city and town councils to evaluate acoustic problems, Acoustic Classifications, Acoustic restoration and planning.
Acoustic Remediation Plan
The noise remediation plan is the tool used by the municipal administrations to coordinate and control noise reduction interventions.
Adrienne measuring method to test barriers and asphalts
Testing and verification of asphalt and noise barriers performance to UNI EN-1793 standard, Reflection Index and Sound Reduction Index.
Measurement of wind farms
Measurement of the noise emitted by wind farms and containment of the related noise pollution even in the forecasting phase.
Acoustic comfort of halls and electro-acoustics
Design, construction and installation of sound-absorbing and diffusing devices for noise control and soundproofing any type of room.
Acoustic Mitigation Plans (P.A.R.E.)
Planning of the Company Program for the Reduction of Noise Exposure in the workplace through acoustic mapping and industrial acoustic mitigation.
EVAC installations systems
Emergency Voice And Communication. We design and test audio evacuation safety systems for all types of buildings: hospitals, schools, gyms.
Workers Exposure to Noise and Vibration
Risk of noise and vibrations exposure to workers in the workplace in accordance with the legislative Decree 81/08.
Temporary Activity Authorisation
Authorisation by derogation of environmental noise limits for temporary activities such as construction sites, infrastructure sites and musical events in general.
Environment and Noise Acoustic Impact
Evaluation and prediction of the environment and Acoustic Impact with isophonic map processing using SoundPLAN forecasting software.
Calculation of Passive Acoustic Requirements
Design and calculation of the acoustic insulation of buildings using sound testing equipment to verify the passive acoustic requirements (DPCM 5/12/97).
Technical Consultancy - Legal
Technical-legal advice for any type of problem in the acoustic sector with verification of legal administrative (447/95) and jurisprudential legal limits (civil code article 844)