Acoustic barrier and soundproof grilles for technological systems placed on the roof of office and commercial buildings.

Verification of the acoustic quality of an arena. Elebarozione of the response of the hall using software Ease.

Acustic mapping of the agglomeration of Tieste, for road sections with a flow of more than 3 million vehicles/year, defined as "main road axis"- Cnossos calculation method.

Supply and installation of anti-noise system.

Supply of soundproofing and damping elements at the Atlantic shipyard, Saint-Nazaire.

Acoustic correction of a classroom of the Galileo Galilei middle school in Cecina, Italy.

Acoustic mapping skills to assess the sources of road noise in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Acoustic correction of a former Capuchin church in Chiavenna to enable use as a conference and exhibition venue.

Supply and installation of anti-noise systems for the AHU system. Reduction of noise pollution towards buildings and rooms of the Santa Maria delle Croci hospital, Ravenna.

Supply and installation of anti-noise systems for the acustic renovation of the compressor room at Stab. San Clemente (RN)

Supply and installation of anti-noise shielding for heat pumps at the Otosan headquarters in Forli.

Acoustic treatment of the L'Amorosina restaurant in the centre of Forlì, reduction of reverberation time and improvement of acoustic comfort inside the room.

Installation of soundproof grilles at Trezzano sul Naviglio for noise reduction between 8 and 12 dBA and the guarantee of correct ventilation of the system.

Design and construction of a soundproof and anti-vibration box on the yacht Fountaine - Pajot MY44.

Simulation using Soundplan software to design the proportions of the anti-noise barriers.

Anti-noise system for the technological installation in the supermarket Aldi at Forlì.

Improvement of the acoustic comfort in the restaurant.