Galileo Galilei middle school, Cecina Italy.

Sound-absorbing wall cladding with high density polyester fibre panels was supplied and installed, including pre-cuts and adaptions for existing wall bulk or structures.  The cladding was anchored to the walls of the building with a frame and mechanical wall rawlplugs.  Sound-absorbing baffles were supplied and installed, suspended from the ceiling and placed on parallel lines as per the acoustic project.  They consisted of semi-rigid closed-cell expanded polyethylene panels, which were washable with water, zero formaldehyde emissions, were fireproof, white in colour and transparent to light.  They were perforated with different hole diameters to promote room ventilation and increase sound absorption due to their dissipative effect.  The system supplied has resulted in improvements in the efficiency of sound absorption, it has also increased both the safety aspect of the classroom and its brightness.